Tracking and Analytis

Real-time reports in Google Analytics is an essential feature for seeing the users who are currently browsing your site

Let data help determine your decisions
when running your business


Gain insights into what your website visitors enjoy and is gaining clicks, and what’s losing conversions


Track trends and reoccurring events in your data thanks to comprehensive data analytic reports


Discover where in the world consumers are visiting your website and how it is they came across your business
Implement tags and trackers into your website coding without having to be an expert web developer
Measure the success of the keywords you’re using and ensure they’re optimised for the most traffic possible


Keep track of who and where your eCommerce sales are coming from and how you are able to maintain this
What does data analysis include?
  • Keyword Research
  • Geographical
  • Tracking Website
  • Heatmaps Visitor
  • Traffic Onsite
  • Improvements
  • Campaign
  • Monitoring Traffic
  • Analysis Session
  • Recordings
  • Monthly
  • Reporting
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Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most valuable data analytics tools that you could use for your business. It allows you to track the traffic on your website geographically, create online campaigns, and monitor the search terms bringing in your traffic.

Google Tag Manager

Where Google Analytics tracks your website, Google Tag Manager lets you implement tags on your website without the need or knowledge of editing any of the code.

Google Search Console

Another valuable tool to use, Google Search Console goes into a great deal of depth when it comes to your website. With the help of this tool you can not only find out how many people are visiting your website, but how it is they’re finding it, be it through organic searches or advertising.

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Google Analytics is a web analytics service that provides statistics and basic analytical tools for search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing purposes. The service is part of the Google Marketing Platform and is available for free to anyone with a Google account.

Google Analytics is used to track website performance and collect visitor insights. It can help organizations determine top sources of user traffic, gauge the success of their marketing activities and campaigns, track goal completions (such as purchases, adding products to carts), discover patterns and trends in user engagement and obtain other visitor information such as demographics. Small and medium-sized retail websites often use Google Analytics to obtain and analyze various customer behavior analytics, which can be used to improve marketing campaigns, drive website traffic and better retain visitors.

Google Analytics acquires user data from each website visitor through the use of page tags. A JavaScript page tag is inserted into the code of each page. This tag runs in the web browser of each visitor, collecting data and sending it to one of Google’s data collection servers. Google Analytics can then generate customizable reports to track and visualize data such as the number of users, bounce rates, average session durations, sessions by channel, page views, goal completions and more.

The page tag functions as a web bug or web beacon, to gather visitor information. However, because it relies on cookies, the system can’t collect data for users who have disabled them

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