Internet Targeting

Targeted advertising for your special audience

Targeted advertising

Targeted advertising is an advertisement that is given only to the audience of any social network that you have chosen. You can, as in contextual advertising, pay only for going to your page

Target Audience Settings











Advantages of targeted advertising
in social networks

Wide coverage of the target audience

only people who potentially need your product

Brand message that resonates

You can set the income level, age, gender, location, interests, and much more

Advertising is not annoying

Ads are embedded in the user's news feed

Low price

The cost of switching is on average lower than that of advertising in search engines

Our approach to targeted advertising
    We are constantly testing various hypotheses for the target audience, which allows us to fine-tune campaigns and distribute them effectively the advertising budget

    Working with us, you are always aware of, what is happening with your advertising campaign due to regular reporting and dedicated personal a manager who is always in touch

  • Automation
    Automated system management allows you to update bids every 5 minutes, this allows you to attract more targeted traffic at a lower cost per click

  • Deep analytics
    We analyze the effectiveness of campaigns using web analytics tools, analyzing actions users on your site

  • Continuous optimization
    We regularly analyze the effectiveness of the advertising campaign and adjust the settings and ad texts in a timely manner to increase the conversion rate

  • Certified Agency
    The professionalism of our specialists is confirmed availability of certificates from advertising systems

The ad will be seen only by those who may be interested in it, so it is suitable for many topics
The ability to set a target audience makes targeting an effective
and at the same time inexpensive way to find new customers
Sites where you can place targeted ads
the fastest growing social network, 9 million visitors per day your competitors’ websites

9 million users daily

it is popular with a wealthy adult audience, 5 million users per day

5 million users daily

a user visited your site, but did not buy anything? “Catch up” with its advertising on social networks
The cost of targeted advertising on Instagram


  • Setup to 5 ads
  • Preparation of texts and illustrations
  • Reporting by audience
  • Control of the advertising budget
  • Manual bid adjustment


  • Setup to 10 ads
  • A/B testing of ads
  • Research and analysis of competitors
  • Test advertising campaign for free
  • Control and forecasting of the advertising budget
  • Manual bid adjustment


  • Setup to 15 ads
  • Tracking statistics for each segment of the target audience
  • A / B testing of ads for each segment of the target audience
  • Creating unique illustrations for ads
  • Deep research of the market and your competitors
  • Formation of a unique product offer (USP)
  • UTM tags on ads
  • Constant monitoring of bids and their correction

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