Sales Lead Generation

Generating highly qualified sales leads for businesses of all types

Сreating an automated sales funnel

What are the advantages of auto funnels?

Aotomatic Sales Manager
A manager who is not late for work and does not require a salary will work for your business around the clock.
Cold traffic turns into hot traffic
Due to automatic messages on e-mail, Whatsapp
Increasing the conversion rate
Due to the functionality of the auto funnel, you can track sales statistics for different dialog scenarios.
Minimal influence of the human factor
You are looking at the processes that are taking place in your business.
More time for important things
No more kicking managers, answering millions of customer questions.
A series of letters can be registered for 3 months in advance.
If the customer buys through the auto funnel, then there are letters for additional sale. You don't forget about the client
How does the auto funnel work?
  • Defining the target audience

    Creating a portrait of the target audience for your business

  • Analytics

    Analysis of the site or page in social networks.
    Creating a selling offer

  • Sales auto funnel scheme

    Development of a scheme of interaction with the client, from the first touch to the sale

  • Content plan

    Writing a script for a series of letters

  • Assembly

    Technical configuration of the auto funnel

  • Starting traffic

    Setting up and launching contextual or targeted ads

  • Test

    Checking the performance of the auto funnel and closing the lead for sale

  • Modification

    Completion of the auto funnel and optimization of advertising

Implementation options
In social networks using messengers: Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp
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telegram-app 2
facebook-messenger--v2 1
instagram-new 1
Through the website + mailing service
(e-mail, messengers)
351602 1
whatsapp 2
viber 1
telegram-app 2

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